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Dayton Family Lawyer

Swift And Compassionate Representation

Going through any kind of family law issue is a process no one wants to deal with. These matters can quickly become complicated and drawn-out battles that can put a considerable amount of stress on you and your family. When you want to settle these matters quickly while defending your best interests, you need the help of a committed and driven family law attorney.

At Christine Baker Law, I can provide you with the representation you deserve in such a difficult time. I proudly represent families throughout the Dayton area and am here for you when you need me. As your legal representation, I will remain in constant contact with you through your legal needs.

How I Help My Clients

Part of what sets me apart from other Dayton family lawyers is how far I will go for my clients. I know the urgency my clients have to speak with me when something suddenly comes up, which is why I give all my clients my personal cell number so you can call or text me at any time. I became a lawyer to provide legal services to families who need me, and that is exactly what I do.

I take the time to review the unique factors that make up each of my client’s cases to develop a personalized strategy to help them. Instead of telling my clients what to do, I present them with options, including pursuing a resolution through litigation or mediation. I also recognize that these cases are not just about my clients but their children as well, and I want to be the one who helps you and your family through your divorce, custody, and other family law needs.

Simple And Effective Representation

I am not a Dayton family lawyer who will try to draw out these issues to increase my billable hours. I want to settle these issues as quickly as you do without sacrificing the quality of the outcome. If you are ready to meet with an Ohio family law attorney you can depend on, contact me for your free initial consultation. Call 937-200-1311 or email me here to schedule your first appointment today.