Affordable And Simple Family Law Solutions

Compassionate Representation Available When You Need It

Legal problems do not wait to schedule an appointment with you, so shouldn’t your Dayton family law attorney be available when anything comes up? Not all law firms offer the committed representation their clients need, which is why it pays to learn about a lawyer before choosing their services.

At Christine Baker Law, I have been dedicated to helping clients throughout Ohio since I was admitted to the bar in 2012. When clients come to me for help, I treat them like members of my own family as I develop personalized plans through their family law needs. You can learn more about my experience here:

My Commitment To My Clients

I pride myself on how closely I work with my clients. I take the time to inform them about the legal process they are facing and how I will help them through it. I provide judgment-free, respectful representation to all of my clients as I help them understand the reality of their family law needs and what I can do to pursue the optimal outcome for them.

As I represent my clients, I go above and beyond for them. I provide my clients with my personal cellphone number and encourage them to call or text whenever something comes up. I am willing to meet with my clients wherever works best for them, whether it is at my Dayton office, their house, online or anywhere else.

Throughout my representation services, I also assist my clients with other challenges of family law outside of their legal needs. I help kids navigate the transition to new schools and homes, establish co-parenting processes, and do anything else to help make life after these legal issues easier.

I Am Here For You

If you want to meet with a family law attorney who will be by your side through every hurdle of your family law needs, meet with me. Schedule your initial consultation by calling 937-200-1311 or emailing me here. The sooner you reach out to me, the sooner I can begin helping you.